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July - September 2018 | Lucca. Italy

TOPIC: Chaos & Silence

 Today, an excess of stimuli, news, positive or negative notions, puts human beings in a state of numbness due to information overload. This numbness causes each input to be perceived as equal to others: the enormous quantity of stress to which we are subjected makes it difficult for us to perceive the differences, the specific qualities of each stimulus, and also its features. A reading of the world around us becomes confusing and indecipherable. In this context, the search for silence, clarity and peace, appear as essential needs of contemporary society, in response to their chaotic development.

 At the same time there is, in this chaotic and dense nebula, a continuous movement and contact with different particles: and this is where the origins of great creative possibilities are concealed and the sign of a body which is extremely alive, responsive, diverse and interconnected, as is today's society. In contrast to this point of view, silence becomes synonymous with isolation, disconnection, and unavailability.

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 We are so often deafened by waves of noise from television, the web, news, and information. This wave expands, comes out from the screen and enters into conversations, at dinner, at lunch, at the most unexpected hour. It becomes extraordinarily common to talk for hours on end about a murder, an attack and also a football match or an Oscar award, uttering, repeating, amplifying, concepts, ideas, and images. We can live on this, in a systematic transformation of the brain into a sponge that absorbs anything and yields nothing. However, a nothingness that has volume, mass and takes up space. And so, submerged as we are, swimming in the words, clichés, social dogmas, vessels of nothingness, we float towards a drift, overwhelmed by too much of everything. The volume is so high, the mass of information so great that the noise flattens everything and so distinguishing the boundaries and the importance of things seems - even if we wanted to make this effort - superhuman. We should look for the sources, and get informed. But even this would not guarantee certainty Even the sources may be misleading, false, inadequate.

 So the only solution appears to be abstinence. Fed up, tired, discouraged by too much, our oars are thrown into the boat, looking for peace, silence. Sooner or later things will get better, the too much of everything will diminish and a defined horizon will reappear, a prospect - something - to dictate the route. Yet, if we look back, the sea has been murky for quite some time, and if we want to look beyond, all there is, is other information, other storms, an increasingly chaotic future.

And yet. And yet progress is always there, pulsating, omnipresent. Chaos creates life, with no rules, anarchic, difficult to classify, categorize, but you can’t say that it isn’t life. We believe that the artist's task is not to die mentally, trying to photograph this modernity; In the Too Much of Everything don’t pull your oars into the boat giving in to inertia, but take a risk, be the speck that goes against the wind in the desert, make this effort. Shout. Believe in revolutions, make them happen everywhere, raise your head.


General Manager |  Cartasia, Biennale della Carta

Emiliano Galigani


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